Introduction to MARK16 eTalks

March 2023, DH+ group, SIB, Lausanne

This webpage presents eTalks focused on the last chapter of the Gospel according to Mark. Thea are regularly completed during the five years of the research project, 2018-2023. They have been produced by the SNSF MARK16 project team, or by invited colleagues. A query function allow to look in the metadata of these eTalks.

An eTalk is a new multimedia publication tool for research or educational purpose, entirely quotable in details (see the demonstration video). It has been created by an interdisciplinary team in 2012-2015 under the lead of Claire Clivaz (UNIL) and Frédéric Kaplan (EPFL). The present version is an updated version of the software produced by Silvano Aldà (Core-IT, SIB) and Claire Clivaz (DH+,SIB, Lausanne).

The code for the eTalk programme is available in open source, along with explanations of how to prepare and install eTalks:

We hope that this form of publication will be useful and compelling to a wide academic and public audience.